Zinogre Redlines v4 by Tankaa

Zinogre Redlines v4


16 September 2016 at 19:39:58 MDT

Attempt #4, complete with increasingly silly attempts at variant names. At least it's starting to look like something complete. I probably just need one more pass on this and I can do the pretty inked and colored version.

The horns have been angled back a bit, which looks a lot better. Looks like I have to dig all sorts of pits into them too, makes me wonder if I should figure out how to leave the L200 bare in those areas or paint the foam...it would be hard to make a sewn covering that fits into the pits.

Those faulds. I could probably hipcheck Plesioth into low orbit with the suit's thighs if they don't get wedged in the door. On the plus side, the suit should be about as stable as it can get, no longer looks like it has swallowed a beachball, and I can probably out-armwrestle MosuGoji.

Drawing the back sides of those plates is an exercise in vexation, I'm still not quite sure how to flatten them out onto paper from that angle...

Artwork © of me
Zinogre © of Capcom

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