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Deviljho versus Zinogre by Tankaa

Deviljho versus Zinogre


"The Laurel & Hardy duo of power company workers from Northern Scioto really provides a baseliner's dimension to the whole affair, but viewers would probably prefer to watch more scenery-trashing scuffles between sweaty stuntmen in rubber suits..."

"Speaking of stuntmen in rubber suits, the Deviljho looks like something from midcentury every time he rears up to look taller. The body just slumps down and makes him look potbellied instead of powerful. The fight choreography is kind of goofy-looking even at best, maybe because the monsters are heavy enough to no-sell anything short of a crushed windpipe or snapped neck."

The Heisei era. Better or worse, we're stuck with the aesthetic from the iconic age of bulk and beam spam. On the plus side, this looks impressive in forced perspective shots and in person. The added foam also does a good job of masking the profile of the human in the suit. On the minus side, this makes for a big, clumsy suit that isn't particularly mobile.

I think someone's going to be torn out of the Jinogre suit by everyone's favorite duo...they really want their normal artist and counterpart back. (Emergency suit removal would be an interesting thing to draw...)

Artwork, Tankaa © of me
Zingore, Deviljho, Monster Hunter © of Capcom

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