NerdWear: Green Lantern Spats II by Tanija (critique requested)

NerdWear: Green Lantern Spats II (critique requested)


10 June 2013 at 05:06:22 MDT

I made these for the Monthly Artisan Craft Challenge here ( ) after I read, that the theme for this challenge is “green” and “superheroes”. Even if it’s not really original to choose Green Lantern as hero for this, I could not resist. I just love that damn comic.

It took me hours to sew the logo onto them – I do not have an embroidery machine so it is all good ol’ handwork. ;)

Fabric is green bio-cotton and white bio-cotton for lining. They can be opened/closed with four snaps each.

I am also planning to do more of these (that’s why I named it “NerdWear” – I want to make a little collection out of superheroes and villains for this). The next ones will be Superman and Batman - they're nearly finished. Feel free to suggest more – I am not quite sure if villains got their own logos, but I would love to make some Joker or Yellow Lantern (or anything else you want to suggest) as spats, too.

I am also planning to sell some of these, because I do not have the room to keep them all here myself.

As always: Pattern and idea are mine, please do not copy/steal it or claim it as your own.

Green Lantern belongs to DC Comics.

Photo was taken by talented oostlan on deviantArt.

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