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Hello everyone! <3

Welcome to my page! I am a fledgling artist looking to have a platform where people can see my work! Also, don't be afraid to contact me whether you want a request or just want to chat. I don't bite!

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My Policy on Requests/Art Trades/ Commissions

on 11 April 2019 at 18:29:28 MDT

I thought I needed to make an update on 2019 guidelines even though we're almost 25% through the year.

Most important thing to remember is that requests and art trades will ALWAYS be open. I shut them down last year after getting burnt out but other than that, they will never close unless stated otherwise.

REQUESTS: These are normally my favorite things to do. I have gotten plenty of requests in 2016-2017, and they were fun. My only policy on requests are that you just be patient. NSFW Requests are allowed :)

TRADES: I have gotten requests for an art trade and when I post my part first, in some cases the other part is never posted. As a result, my policy is that when we agree on the art trade, I will not begin to work on my part of the trade unless you have posted your part to the website. This is so I don't waste my time on a void art trade. As stated above, when you do post your part, please do be patient with me and don't get mad at me if I don't post my part immediately. I got a job lately and it's hard to find proper free time for drawing anymore, so please have patience. NSFW Trades are allowed :)

COMMISSIONS: Absolutely no commissions. Yes, I love doing my work for free and let's be honest, it's not pretty enough to make a profit. But really, I am not comfortable receiving money over the internet. If you have a DeviantArt account, then commissions that are paid via the site's currency (Points) are welcome! I would say NSFW Commissions are allowed, but FA, Weasyl and Inkbunny commissions are permanently OUT OF COMMISSION (ba dum shhhhhh)

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