Draxolotl Fever by Taluns

Draxolotl Fever


19 January 2014 at 10:53:55 MST

It's been almost a year since I got Aristotle and I've never drawn anything axolotl related? Blasphemy! U-U

So for this design I wanted to combine one of my favourite animals, Axolotls, with one of my favourite monsters, hydras!
But wait, lemme explain you a thing:

Why do people always draw axolotls looking like cute innocent derps?
-They are carnivores. Hunting up all the worms and bugs.
-They don't care if they run head first into a wall because they're tough asses.
-Their bodies don't 'age', they are forever in an adolescent body.
-If they get a limb cut off, it doesn't matter. Grows right back.
-They are cannibals and will eat younger/smaller members of their species.
-They eat anything that moves basically.

Can you imagine if axolotls were the size of alligators? Man, they'd get so much more credit.
So anyways, I was reminded of how Hydras work, when you cut one of their heads off two grow back.

But how does this creature work?
Well normally, it will only have one visable head, and a plump pink neck. It lives in damp, secluded places. When this oaf comes waddling over you may think it's quite pathetic; a pretty pink colouration, fat, squishy body, no visible defenses. Easy kill, right?!
But as soon as you make your first strike, its neck erupts with, flesh and guts and it's spine comes shooting out. The spine elongates, giving the creature a more 'serpentine' neck, and a large attack range. Any time you cut a head off, two more grow back. Cut a leg off, two more grow back. So the longer you fight with this creature, the more obscure and monstrous it becomes.
More info will come with the final sheet, but I wanted to submit this for some feedback first!

(Does this need mature content warning? Maybe not...the next one will though C: )

Art/concept (C) myself
Intuos4/SAI/several hours

Do not trace, copy, reference or use without my permission yo.

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