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Tiszta Talpak by talpimado1988

Tiszta Talpak


Fan Art / Digital Art / Drawings / Movies & TV

Matyi's punishment, the story now continue. This is a Hungarian cartoon Fan art, the name of it: Lúdas Matyi. In the original cartoon this poor little boy get batter because of wanted to stole Döbrögi lord goose, but that not true, because the goose owned by the boy. This was a old but really good cartoon and really instructive as well. In my eyes i kinda wished this poor boy not was harmed, just being tickled. I was kinda horny when i always see the boy was barefoot. For that i kinda imagine and made it as what could be if this way could be punished for the boy. This kinda more cute punishment and acceptable then the beating, in my eyes. This is the 2nd. from my early fan art. In this totally cleaned the boy sensitive feets. Now his feets clean, so the true tickling punishment is now will starting. :-)

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