torture rack by talpimado1988

torture rack


30 November 2014 at 04:55:05 MST

This is a random gift art for :-)

I randomly meet with this furry in Second Life in a couple of days. I talked to him a little bit, and I talked him into a room where, had torture cabins and i putted him into one of them and he let me tickles his feet. He really liked it. I said to him, "I really like to tickles my friends in Second Life". He said, he not feet fetish lover like me, but he really liked the situation. He said his fursona, is almost same as the sl character what in this picture, but he not have any drawing from his fursona because no one really did one. And because he was really good looking and his inside self was really attractive too, that why i made this drawing for him by his Second Life avatar. And he let me to draw down the situation as i tickles his feets. ^_^


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    Hey, did you post a video of Second Life where a wolf was tickling a dragon?