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A Serial Tickler Is Terrorizing by talpimado1988

A Serial Tickler Is Terrorizing


25 November 2014 at 03:13:17 MST

Not long ago i read a news paper.

This situation is made me really inspired. I really admire the guy courage and his honesty, because not stole any values from house, just only what thing he addressed about, to just licking and tickles the unsuspecting boys feets. I wish one day i would be lucky enough to someone break into my home who is a feet fetish lover guy, while i'm sleeping. In the summer when i was naked feets, flip-flopp slippers walked on the street, it would be good if someone look for me once, look for my beautiful feets and follow me without i know that person follows me. And one night that person would slip ontp my home and licks my big feets. XP