Wing Giver by Talon Vurixen (critique requested)

If you’ve fallen, I will lend my wings

For you to rise back up to where you cling.

You’ve been wounded, let me help heal

So that you once again can feel.

Your heart beaten, broken, and battered,

Just ask, I’ll help find what really mattered.

There were hints, I should have known.

I should have acted on what suspicions shown.

How could I have been so negligent,

And let my vigil slip?

I could see how he might be belligerent,

Yet all I did was allow my guard to dip.

Now, here we are

Confused as can be.

Now, just where

Is hope for thee?

My apologies are all I can offer

In hopes that things will repair.

Mistakes I’ve made,

Though I know you don’t care.

I give you my wings to help you soar

Through the gorge that fraternity hath forged.

Be strong and fight.

Don’t you ever give in.

It is emotional turmoil,

But you can win!

I will give you my wings every time.

I shall even help you climb

The frightful face of life and time.

I do not always need to fly,

So I will give them to you so you rise high.

I am the Wing Giver, this I live by.

If you let me, I will help you fly.

Wing Giver (critique requested)

Talon Vurixen

9 March 2013 at 20:59:35 MST

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