The "Dumb Sucker" by Talis Prinny

The "Dumb Sucker"

Talis Prinny

19 January 2014 at 15:50:15 MST

At Prinny Labs we have attempted to develop a new candy just for Halloween, Dood.
We have dubbed this new candy "Dumb Suckers", Dood. After it's unique results, Dood.

After just a few slurps of the "Dumb Sucker" The subject begins to transform.
The Subject turns the subject into big buff dumb were-skunks, Dood ;)

Very easy to control and only too willing to obey commands, Dood. They do what ever is asked of them, but be warned being were-skunks a very powerful musk that can over power most people, Dood.