Hello random person who for some odd reason decided to read my profile~! You must be bored. Have a cookie! (i promise it's not stolen.. *shifty eyes*) :D

I draw. ouo I sketch traditionally most of the time, then scan the pic and finish it digitally, on the art program Paint Tool SAI.

I brush yarn! :D Lots of fluffy softness. I make tails, hair clips, earrings, and miscellaneous weird stuff if i feel like it. :3

I also have a tumblr! :D

And a Furaffinity!

This is me. I am who i am, and no one else. If you don't like who i am, please don't try to change me into someone else. I'm happy with myself the way i am, and if i decide i don't like something about myself, i can change it on my own thank you. ^^

So anyways, a bit of basic information about me.

name: Tali / Erin

species: Fox ( i think i have some cat blood in there somewhere... i tend to purr a lot ouo )

gender: Female ( im sorry if you couldn't tell.. its not my fault i have small boobs Dx )

orientation: Straight, but i fully believe that love is love, no matter who it's with or what differences you may have from what today's shitty society calls "normal". Gays are awesome people! <3

relationship: I am perfectly happy with my mate <3 he is the love of my life, my soulmate, my partner in crime when stealing from the cookie jar.

Also i have many little voices in my head. They all have their own personality and being, and i cannot control them or what they say or do. ( so no they are not my imaginary friends. ) They are like my family, even though no one else can see or hear them the way i do. :3 Also if you have voices / tulpae i would love if you gave a shout or noted me or something Dx i greatly enjoy talking about voices and the wide range of people who have them ;u; Everyone's situation is different, and i love learning more. It's one of my dreams to be able to help people who are scared of the voices in their head, or need help, or just want to understand them more. i want to help people understand them and learn to live happily with them. When i first got voices i was terrified and confused, and was extremely lucky that my best friend at the time ( now my mate ) could help me, as he already had voices. My mate has voices very similar to my own, and my grandmother has a whole nother type of voice. And i've read a lot on tulpae... but i like talking about voices so talk to me if you have them! xD ..please? *puppy eyes* i'll love you forever!

Now with all that said, lets be friends! :D

You can contact me here, or by email (ask for it first :3), furaffinity (link is up there -^ ), or skype. (if you choose to contact me via skype, please tell me that you know me from fa, or i'll end up just ignoring you ^^; )




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