Boo Cosplay by TalasAF

Boo Cosplay


24 January 2014 at 15:13:53 MST

Left to right we have Jubella (2nd born), Doe (1st born), and Boa (Youngest).
Old descripion VVV

I made these characters with some inspiration from a couple of members here on this site that like girls with a little extra jiggle and AIN'T afraid to wiggle, betcha can't guess a hand full of em. ;)
ANYWAY, I accepted a challenged from my gator gals, "The Coldwater Sisters" where they dress up as one of their favorite characters and I had to guess all three if they are gonna cook me dinner using their mother, Aboolia Coldwater's cookbook (ITS WORTH IT!). If I guess ONE wrong, I have to take them ALL out to dinner at their favorite place and many plates do you think these big southern gals can finish together anyway?. They said the only hint I can have is that their characters are sisters. I asked them if the sisters had the same body type and Doe said
Doe: "Two of them WISH they had a body like MINE!...but I'd trade ...a quarter of my hip size for the boobs of one of them in particular..."
ANY HELP?! Otherwise my diet is gonna be cereal and raman noodles with the budget I'm gonna have if I guess ONE WRONG. Help a brotha out!

Hmm I almost forgot these three, will consider revamping these southern gals. Being from the Mississippeh, I put a bit of the south in them...

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