Halimah and Kamaria by talani-mae (critique requested)

Halimah and Kamaria (critique requested)


29 June 2016 at 06:59:07 MDT

My two lioness sisters. They both bear similar white markings on their faces. Halimah's on the bridge of her nose, Kamaria's on her forehead.

Halimah is on the right, her name means gentle, compassionate, or kind. She is lithe and moves with purpose and grace. Her eyes reflect her gentle soul. She is a weaver, and pottery maker, and adorns herself in rich, fine gemstones and silver.

Kamaria, is the sister on the left. Her name means like the moon, or moonlight. She is finely toned, and a powerful huntress. Her own eyes and expression is supposed to be that of a warrior, always on the lookout, ready to protect her sister when needed. The jewlery she wears is more tribal, natural, of feathers, shells, woven or leather cord.

These two are a work in progress. I am thrilled at how they turned out, I speant a good deal of time on them, trying to get two lionesses to looks different was not easy, but between their markings, slight feature differences and jewlery, I think I managed :3

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