Tribal Raikou, God of Thunder by talani-mae

Tribal Raikou, God of Thunder


24 June 2016 at 21:57:09 MDT

So I have been playing pokemon since shortly after pokemon Red came out in 1996, and still to this day at 26 I still love pokemon and play the games when I can. When I got pokemon Gold for my birthday when the game released, I fell in LOOOOVE with the legendary dog pokemon (Though I think Raikou looks more cat like O.o)

So when my friends 14 year old daughter was hanging out at my apartment last year, I decided to draw her Raikou. I did three pictures, but this is the only one I turned into a tribal. She Looooooves pokemon. Her favorite types are Electric, Bug, Ghost, and Dragon.

Mine are dragon, electric, water, fire and grass O.o Kinda all of them really! lol

She squealed when I showed her the two colored ones I did, I can't wait till she sees this one when I get a print made for her.

And pardon the pixel quality, I had to use the stupid magic wand tool to get rid of blotchiness >.>;;

Soooo do you guys like it? Suicune and Raikou were my favorites of the three! I am sooo happy with how this came out!

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