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Jade & Kiba - Protecting Master by Takkin

Jade & Kiba - Protecting Master


15 December 2020 at 22:24:37 MST

This is one of a few "For the Fans" commissions I got, in which the YCH featured two characters and I really wanted to have Jade in it. So, who should fit in the second slot?... I thought, why not someone from Discord that's been a loyal reader and fan of the comic and our characters? It would be a fantastic reward and surprise! That could totally be you some day in a YCH with one of our characters; so why not drop into the Discord, give the Comic a Sub/Follow and hang out with us! ^_^ We're a pretty relaxed and fun group.

Jade is part of the Faircrest Comics Fantasy World. Kiba is a longtime fan and Discord regular!
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Art by: Akipesa -- Give 'em a watch!

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