Faircrest Furries - Comic/Movie Poster by Takkin

Faircrest Furries - Comic/Movie Poster


1 September 2020 at 18:23:09 MDT

Temiree is the main artistic source of our Characters official 'Expression/Emotion' headshots but instead of doing yet another round of headshot expressions we opted to do a full on massive commission with their Character 'Temiree' in a movie-like poster pose for the Comic! Jade and I were both floored when Temiree finished with it and it easily became a background wallpaper for us on some of our devices; which is why this one is released without a background watermark like our other pictures. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do! I do play on adding some 'text' overlay to make it look like a real movie poster and then having it printed out to toss up on our movie wall someday.

Jade & Takkin are part of the Faircrest Comics Fantasy World.
Temiree belongs to Temiree
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Art by: Temiree -- Give 'em a watch!

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