MinmiPuffs! 2014 by Tak

MinmiPuffs! 2014


3 October 2014 at 12:32:16 MDT

Went to a craft fair a while ago with lordaperture lordaperture and sold a few plushies. I call them MinmiPuffs! Here we have the "leftovers": Atomic Grape Lemonade, Daemon (adopted by fehfeh13 fehfeh13, now named Freddy Mercury), and Radioactive Grapefruit.

I regret not taking more pictures, and forgetting to snap a pic of the watermelon colored MinmiPuff before it was sold DX

ankylosaurus black daemon demon dino dinosaur faux fauxfur fleece fur grape green minnie orange pink plush plushie puff purple red stuffed stuffedanimal yellow minmi antipill minmipuff animal atomic freddy mercury lemonade grapefruit lava queen neon