The most important question on Tumblr {T} by tails-zet

The most important question on Tumblr {T}


30 May 2016 at 15:56:24 MDT

Finished trade for Superi from the 90s

No one had asked Superia about her hips before ^^' And seems she didn't wait for such question and shows them to viewers. So enjoy them, especially Tumblr askers!

Hehe, dont' be confused, boys and girls. This is not a Tumblr answer, I had write this text for Anonymous guy. Nyeh heh... trying to make a parody, I am so foolish u_u

BUT anyway if you're curious to ask Superia go and ask her there: By the way, better not to make anonymous questions. I guess you know why >:3

Superia © supersonicrulaa
Art © Me