Helen's back by tails-zet

Helen's back


30 May 2016 at 15:32:17 MDT

Digitalized fanart or gift picture for Eric W. Schwartz

You know, I like mothers. (You can call them milfs, but I'd prefer word "mother" instead of word "milf") They're kind, soft, they can cook. They have more experience. So Helen is one of such mothers.
Though she's gettng more experience in naughty way, I think, she is really nice person. And I beg everyone would like to be her husband (she's divorced).

The reason of drawing this was my dream. Yeah, she was in my dream while feeding me with delicious dinner. And she was always in black shirt. With no panties ^^; Sorry, Mr Schwartz, I tried ^^;

Helen Dish © EWS
Art © Me