.:Badge:. Sophie by Tails-Chan

.:Badge:. Sophie


26 March 2017 at 08:51:46 MDT

Decided to create a sample badge to show off some styles of how I can draw and create badges for my customers!

This is a full card one The kind that slips into those fancy dancy holders.

This pup is Sophie! She's actually my other pup that I have at home here. She's a pibby, and a rescue! c: She's super sweet and loves to greet people and give them hugs and kisses. So, I drew her as her adorable self here. <3 I put her inside a paw print too for funsies.

This was originally only posted on my Patreon, so now I can post it here for the workd to see. However, on Patreon, there is no watermark. So if you would like to see more images like this in the future without an annoying watermark, become a patron on my Patreon! I have tiers for as low as $5!

If you're interested in commissioning a badge from me, please sent me a PM!

They'll be 3x4 inches, and can be cutout or a solid card. They will be laminated, and printed on thick paper such as cardstock (something that really doesn't bend too well so it'll be sturdy).

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