.:Badge:. Riley by Tails-Chan

.:Badge:. Riley


25 March 2017 at 20:18:14 MDT

Decided to create a sample badge to show off some styles of how I can draw and create badges for my customers!

This is a standard head shot one. Was toying with the design of it really and I like how it turned out. :] The grey is to indicate where it would be cut out. I forgot to leave room for a tag cut so I would have to either go in or improvise during cutout.

The cute pup in the picture is none other than my sweet handsome boy, Riley! <3 He's a pibby/boxer mix and is the sweetest thing ever. He's such a cutie and I'm ever so thankful he lets me draw him. I must annoy the poor guy with how many times I ask to see his silly little face.

This was originally only posted on my Patreon earlier today, but I was just so excited about announcing these I allowed myself to upload this an hour before I originally planned to.

If you're interested in commissioning a badge from me, please sent me a PM!

They'll be 3x4 inches, and can be cutout (as this one is intended to be) or a solid card. They will be laminated, and printed on thick paper such as cardstock (something that really doesn't bend too well so it'll be sturdy).

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