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[OLD] Bed Time by Tails230

[OLD] Bed Time


Made on: Mar 7th, 2016

Commission for luigi-vaporeon on FA that I almost forgot to upload here.

Its time for Tjama's lil pets to go to bed.
After some warm milk froma bottle, she put them both into some large thick night time diapers, and their own style of pajamas, even though Jade's pajamas still squeaky since she looks cute in rubber. X3

Nevah is already asleep as we can see X3

Tjama is so proud to have two obedient pets. X3

Nevah belongs to me
Jade belongs to luigi-vaporeon
Tjama belongs to tjamanarlong (Hehehe Tjama almost looks motherly X3)

Good Night Everyone! <3


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    Wonderful work honey :)