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[OLD] Ooh Ice Cream! by Tails230

[OLD] Ooh Ice Cream!


6 August 2016 at 21:32:30 MDT

Made on: Jul 12th, 2013

Contest entry for Matt The Umbreon's contest.

The Theme is Summer Activities, so I came up with this idea. (Both are Anthro for this picture because it would look better. :P)

Vahn decided to take Nevah to the beach. Neavh got in a nice bikini set to help her stay cool for the hot weather. As they walked down the street, looking at the waves from the weather, Vahn decided to get her something to also help her cool down, Ice Cream. So both of them are enjoying the summer heat wave with their tasty ice cream.

I'm really proud of this picture. I'm glad with how Nevah turned out in this picture. Its rare I draw her as a anthro, but when I do, it turns out nice. I also like the detailed background as well.

Vahn belongs to matttheumbreon on DA.
Nevah belongs to me.

(Thumbs up for guessing what kind of ice cream Nevah has. LOL)