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Natlissa Book-Badge by Taesolieroy

Natlissa Book-Badge


Typefont is a little sloppy, was figuring it out as a possibility. >_>;

Again the eyes/lights didn't turn out as bright as I wanted, but I'll figure it out! I swear! The white I'm a bit on the fence about as it appears more grey-ish.

Natlissa is a member of the Raelkin race that Goldbrow is a part of. While she is a Steel-class like he is, she is of the Monorail subspecies that share the length of a Standard, but stand in the Dwarf-class height-wise. Unlike the rest of their kin, they lack the seats on their backs and the singular 'cockpit' on the back of the head. In their place for their small stature and lack of carnivorous dentures they have spines to make biting unpleasant, and generate a defensive field of electricity to prevent physical contact by predators. Monos are much more socially oriented than the other species, traveling in herds guarded by one to three males that always keep watch for danger in the open fields they prefer. Their skittish nature is mostly due to the fact they are rather frequently targeted by hunters, especially those of the 'super' sized Raelkin like the Gigas that are restricted to open ground. Monos can slip into forested areas for protection, and seem to get along better with Wood-type Raelkin.

Character blurb aside, this is a somewhat new concept for me in combining bookmark art and badge art into one piece. It measures 1 3/4" X 5 7/8" prior to edge-cutting. I left a nub at the end for a hole to be punched once laminated so a tassel could be attached.

Artwork (c) 2015- L "Taesolieroy" Monroe

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