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Flying Free by Taesolieroy

Flying Free


21 January 2015 at 01:49:16 MST

-Continuation of - -

For some odd reason I can't help but think 'River Trout' every time I see the markings... I didn't realize it was so until afterwards and went, ".. wtf?"

So, continuing on with the 'story':

When the juveniles manage to reach that specific point in the sky where a strong wind current races over the water, their former skin seems to shatter and flake away from rostrum to fluke, revealing the brightly colored flesh and emerging wings of the newly matured adult form. They will then spend the rest of their lives coasting on the wind, coming to water again only to give birth in a potentially deadly move if their feathers are soaked too long in the acidic water. Those fortunate enough to utilize the rare rocky island are more able to survive the process and return to their sky domain.

When I was working on these two, I sat back and realized that I hadn't attempted lineless art in a number of years. I wasn't even sure if I could pull it off! I guess I've developed myself so far that it is now possible for me to attempt and refine this 'newfound' skill.
The wings on this one were a bit funny for me. I wanted to pull off that translucency, but the way I was originally shading felt 'off'. It wasn't until I did some researching on backlit bird wings (predominantly gulls and other white-winged seabirds so I can spot the differences between shadow and light on the feathers) that I began to figure out my wing shading problem.

Yes it's an odd creature and lifecycle, but then again when are dreams 'logical

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    While I've imagined winged-dolphins before, you certainly managed to take the concept up a level. Your phin looks very sleek and well sculpted for both the sea and sky.

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      ^_^ I blame the biologist side of my brain - "Gotta make it look at least believable!"