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Got Anything Bigger? by Taesolieroy

Got Anything Bigger?


I think Photoshop wanted to throttle me with this one each time I opened it ._. LAYERRRRRSSSSS!

Commission for the incredibly patient Rooth on FA featuring his character in his snowshoe-roo form dealing with a bit of a problem getting enough coffee in the morning to get him up and going, so to speak. It's a part of what I believe is a currently ongoing series of growth-transformation.

The poor collie isn't quite sure how to answer her patron's request - she's probably a new girl on the job. I know how that feels like all too well in the retail environment! Not sure if you can see the logo on the coffee pot, but I did a bit of a visual pun in its design. ;3

Tried something new with the background/foreground, not sure how I feel about it yet as a style possibility.

Rooth (c) Rooth
Art (c) 2015 - Myself

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    Super lovely work on the anatomy and shading, and you put such nice details into the background too oildkfj ;u;

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      Thanks! I'm still figuring out my backgrounds as I don't practice them enough >_>;

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    Poor dog gal, she's wracking her brains out, trying to remember if there really is a custom made coffee cup called Venti Gargantui?

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      It's a very elusive size, often forcing one to travel quite a distance to get it.

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    Thank you so much for participating in the Rooth'roo's Growing Aventures in Coffee series
    Rooth looks positively sheepish and so very soft and fluffy here, it's exactly what I imagine him to be like in this scenario. ;) Really lovely work here, I am quite impressed. Can't quite see the logo pun, though?

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      Sorry for the late reply!
      I had quite a bit of fun working with this as well, even if photoshop was fighting me all the way ^_^;

      I realized one can't see it in this size version, but it was supposed to be a play on Starbucks.