Dalton & Friends: The Toons Explained by TacoKart

Who & What are the Toons?

In the world of Dalton & Friends live the Toons, a race of beings quite similar to the cartoons you see on TV. They come in all shapes and sizes, and even behave like cartoon characters, but that's how they express themselves.

What is the Toon race capable of?

Toons, as a race, are physically indestructible thanks to 'toon physics'. Anything you can think of; squashed, stretched, inflated, blown up, basically anything like you see on the Looney Tunes or Tom & Jerry, and they recover in seconds. Some even enjoy every minute of it. However, they can still feel pain, so a Toon has to have a high pain tolerance right out of the gate.

Even though they are physically immortal, the Toons are not immune to death. Toons can pass away of old age, though they do have higher longevity than humans; i.e. Dalton is 4'02" and looks like a chibi character from an anime, but is actually 23 years old. Toons can fall ill just like any organic creature, and can succumb to the same diseases (malaria, cancer, etc). They only way a toon can be physically disposed of is through the use of weapons/spells/abilities/etc. specifically designed to kill toons or somehow nullifying their natural ability to exploit toon physics.

Certain toons, like Dalton's family, are able to pull items out of 'hammer-space'. You know, like how in cartoons, the characters can pull anything out from behind their back? With the Toons in Dalton & Friends, this is because they have a pocket dimension where they can always keep their inventory on hand. This is where Dalton usually stores his mallet, for example.

Dalton & Friends: The Toons Explained


9 August 2017 at 16:14:28 MDT

Just a brief guide to how the Toons in Dalton's world differ from, say, the Toons in 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit?" : D

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