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TOS: (See below the Commissions Section of my profile)
Commission Price List: See my commissions tab

Welcome to my Commissions Account, if you are interested in commissioning art for a character you have in development or already have a reference sheet for, you've come to the right place! :3 I am a furry artist whom dabbles in feral art but never really draws humans. I can draw either digitigrade or plantigrade feet, 3 or 4-fingered hands, paws, and more. It is important to communicate to me in the sketching stages what kind of feet, hands, or paws you would like, unless you have a reference sheet or a picture you are happy with of the character for me to work from. If I see: "draw my character", I'm going to assume you want the character just standing there. So if you would like your character jumping into water or something specific, let me know. I use my commissions tab and will be adding more there as I make up-to-date examples.

Welcome to my adoptable account, where everything adoptable is located. If you are looking for a new character or simply coming to browse, you're at the right place. All my designs come with full rights, meaning you can get a professional manufacturer to design and sell your character as a logo on merchandise. *Selling my art is prohibited and selling my Closed Species as designs or merchandise is prohibited. But you can resell a Closed Species character purchased from me, provided you credit me as the creator of the species and make sure they know it is a Closed Species. (And what that means if they ask)

I will:

  • Work from descriptions or reference sheets/pictures
  • Provide WIPs upon request
  • Upload your commissioned art on nearly all the websites I'm a part of
  • Draw suggestive but not entirely mature or overly gory art
  • Charge more for a very detailed character
  • Let you know if there are any doubts in my mind whether I can meet a deadline or draw a certain species

I will NOT:

  • Draw pr0n
  • Draw illegal or otherwise extremely immoral things

26/Female/Genius Tablet and Wacom Intuos 5/GIMP and Paint SAI

My Characters: / (New Character website just in its early stages, promotes the accrediting of artists in the process of designing a character/adopt.)

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Fur Affinity

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2020 Inktober

"Hello everyone! It's that time of year again; time for INKTOBER! 31 days of prompts. I will be creating digital art, so stay tuned. No need to worry, I'll put the theme on each picture as I go. Please wish me luck!


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