Theresa and Marceles by taala

Theresa and Marceles


21 January 2014 at 14:36:04 MST

That's right - my own personal art :D LOL

Anyway, here be my OCs Theresa the gal and Marceles the incubus.
Remember that guy? Yeah - thought so, so here's more art of him --> HERE~! Also those are fire wings, as in, wings made out of fire. Just wanted to be clear XP

-start blurb-

Theresa is a high-school girl who was claimed/haunted/seduced by the incubus Marceles since she was young. This is a very unlikely and looked down upon event since in 'cubite' (the incubi and succubi) society, there is not supposed to be an ongoing relationship between human and demon.

Marceles regards Theresa as a pet, but as time goes on, who the master is shifts rapidly. As Marceles begins to gain human emotions and habits, so does Theresa is determined to become demonic herself - and together they face all kinds of danger and torment for the bond that formed.

-end blurb-

So this is a style I want to do for the comic I'm gonna make of the two of them.
Yes, it is gonna be smutty. Yes, it is most probably a self insert fantasy story but you know-SHUTUP. I can do what I want :D including sexy demon times. With alt. verson me. ... :D

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