The Two Sides of Violetta by taala

The Two Sides of Violetta


21 January 2014 at 14:25:32 MST

it is 1am.....and finalyl after another many months I present the next BIGGEST commission I have ever done @~@; Even finished this while sick with an awful cold u.u; ...what was suppossed to be a simple soft shade became a digital painting - I went so all out on this pic XD (and yes josef is the same guy who asked for my other digital paint picture here --> )

But here we are~! Full background/s and all~! It's a duelity picture of   josef0815's OC Violetta. Left side is her night life outfit and right side is her combat uniform. Trust me this took a very long time to complete, I am such a noob at backgrounds DX. So I won't be taking on anything this intense in a loooong time.

And thanks to my lovely fiancée   disquietingthomas for the background sketch and the lettering of the name. (as well as hot drinks and morale support). I still get so anxious and annoyed at my own art cause I still think I'm not good enough to make art like this...u.u; So - until I learn how to not hate myself while doing huge artworks - I'm gonna take a break from digital paints.

But Enjoy what I have accomplished for now :3