Shiran and Taala Go Shopping by taala

Shiran and Taala Go Shopping


21 January 2014 at 14:08:12 MST

Taala had a problem. Taala wanted to try out some new fashions but her mate, Kryptus, didn't much like the atmosphere of women's clothing shops after his first visitation to them. Taala needed someone to go with her at short notice but couldn't figure out who!

So after hearing Shiran, a mercenary at Dragon's Inn , would happily do bodyguarding duties for money - she asked if he could be one for her for a day. Little did he know this entailed him spending hours and hours inside the most boutique shops in the city! Left to carry goods, give opinions and try hard not to freak out at everything - Shiran bravely fronted one of the most ruthless battlefields of all... THE MALL .

Taala : "Let's get ready to look SOOO GOOOOD!!~"
Shiran: "AAAAAAAAaaaaaa.....".

Phew! This was a big one but I managed to do it in not too long a time ^^; (as in not months o.o; ) Here is a commission for   shiran.zyon of his character and my lovely OC Taala going on a shopping trip. As you can tell from picture and blurb, Shiran is kinda just culture shocked from it all. And Taala loves lots of shiny things XP. So much jewellery~

I gave him a discount for letting me try out a digital watercolour picture - I think it looks pretty nifty ~ might do this for more pictures in the future ^w^

....and yes there is in fact a shop called 'Elf Booty' XP. Got to get a Kryptus ref in there somewhere XD

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