Ready When You Are by taala

Ready When You Are


29 January 2016 at 01:47:50 MST

My OCs Theresa and Marceles - saying a very important message to me.

Inside I know I can make and do anything I want - but I've always been afraid to.
I want to make my personal comics. I want to make my own OCs come alive in their stories I've been re-writing and re-writing for years now. But I keep telling myself - 'wait til you're good enough'.

Truth is, I'll never be good enough. I've been waiting over a decade just to be good enough. I've tried to erase my creativity by doing other things - but I can't. I tried to erase myself because I can't ever be good enough as a creative. But. I can't.

I feel, I've got to stop waiting. I've got to just - do. Make my comics. Make my personal art.
At last, I feel - this year - I'm tired of waiting til I'm good enough. Because let's face it - I've always been good enough <3

"Stop hating your personal art and doodles. Let yourself enjoy art for art, not just your work. Draw Taala more."

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