Back Stage Hangout by Syrus Draco

Back Stage Hangout

Syrus Draco

19 August 2015 at 00:37:53 MDT

Artwork by Guffaw:

It's not often to have Syrus hang out with big folk he admires (or may be enamored with) all to himself, but here he seems to one of those rare opportunities. While Syrus does travel in the same circles as the two large lugs, he's often too shy to say much to them. In attending a local concert with the gang, the gnoll and gator take a moment to chill in a spot backstage, away from all the crowd and noise.

Making sure his friends are all thought of, Syrus brings over a few boxes of pizzas and bottles of beer as per their request. Normally Syrus would venture back outside, for fear of staying and being unwanted company or being bothersome, the two did pick up on the hyena's feelings here and there. They call him to stick around and join in. After all there is a lot of pizza and beer to share amongst each other.

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