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Eulogy of a Walrus

on 12 June 2016 at 19:14:31 MDT

So, I’ve been looking back at my Rotor models and my stories and whatnot, and… honestly, I dunno if I should continue with them. I mean, yes, I’ll get Drotar rerigged and everything for others to use, but I don’t know if I should continue working on some grand story behind them, or work on finishing up the stories I already have or start new ones.

The thing is, I’m a huge continuity hound, and there was a LOT of continuity with Rotor pre-reboot to latch onto; the almost-canon gay relationship between him and Cobar, his back injury, his relationship with Tommy Turtle and the loss he felt with Tommy died… even if you didn’t like him as a gay guy, there’s still his outstandingly close relationship with Nicole to latch onto for shipping purposes. My point is, that there was a lot to Rotor that we knew, that we appreciated, that we could use as a hook of inspiration to continue things with in fanfiction, especially as far as his romantic and sexual relationships go.

But that’s all gone now.

Thanks to the reboot, there’s no more Cobar, no more back injury, no more Tommy or Brain Trust… hell, he doesn’t even have his close relationship with Nicole. He’s just… there. Even worse, his design and personality have changed drastically; he’s bulkier, he’s slimmer, he doesn’t have the bomber jacket or the backwards cap, and his personality… he’s boorish, uncompromising, pushy with his opinions and overly pragmatic, to the point where it seems like he’ll do anything - even illegal things - to get the job done. He argues for stealing the Chaos Emerald from Breezie during the Sonic the Fighters mini-arc in order to save the world, and he has to be reminded of the loss of his mom at a young age when arguing against setting up a birthday party for a Gaia Key Guardian’s mother before he relents and softens his tone. In short, he’s a pompous dickbag who bullies his way into getting his way, and that rubs me the wrong way.

Now, given his backstory, this is understandable; his mom left him at a young age, his dad not only abused him to the point where he ran away to the Freedom Fighters, but also rolled over for Eggman and betrayed his people by becoming his land’s Egg Boss, so he’s probably feeling a lot of insecurities about his worth as a person and as a hero, and tries to put up a tough, “I can get it done myself” front in order to hide that and get the recognition he feels he deserves. But, that pushes everything else away from him; he doesn’t have a firm relationship with any of the other Freedom Fighters (again, not even Nicole), he has no love interest to speak of, nor does he show any inclination toward anyone, one way or another (there’s that one dialogue between him and Razor the Shark, but that could be construed as mild-natured ribbing at best, and Razor’s already been revealed to have a crush on the very-female Coral the Beta), and we don’t really see him outside of a battle situation to be himself on the downlow (made harder due to the very actiony nature of the current arc), so there’s nothing really to latch onto with him as far as fanfiction goes, especially not shipping fics.

So, I’m torn; the old stories are based on the old continuity, which is gone and dead now, and even though they’re nice to look back upon, dwelling on them is a bad thing, meaning continuing to work on them is rather pointless, but there’s nothing that I really like or can use with the new continuity to make new stories out of… I’ve got the idea of giving him an Egg Army Soldier boyfriend named Daimhin the Miniature Stallion, but that treads too much on the whole Rotor/Cobar relationship, and I don’t really want to rehash that, if at all possible. I could always do an adaptation of Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, and have Rotor meet that version of Cobar, making him confused about his own remembered feelings aobut the guy from the old continuity, but that rehashes things, as well, and since Archie can’t reference old continuity due to their lawsuit, and as such forced the memories that the Freedom Fighters to remember about it to fade away in such a short amount of time, that renders it pointless and nonsensical, as well. I’m kinda stuck with nowhere to take my favorite pudgy purple penis-polishing pinneped.

As a result, that affects Drotar and hir ensemble’s origins, as well; all of the origin stories I have for them are from the old continuity, and as such, that brings with it the same “This canon is no longer canon, so why should I bother continuing it” argument from before, but on top of that I’ve got these characters situated in personal commissions with scenarios that I’m pretty sure a good deal of the few people I’ve worked with on these stories (especially one in particular, who was gracious enough to allow me to base it on her own fanfiction and characters) wouldn’t approve of, so I’d be alienating them if I continued them and continued to use my character interpretations of Rotor and his ensemble (not the other person’s characters, just my version of Rotor, Cobar, et al) in that disapproving way.

So, I dunno what I’m going to do; should I leave the series fallow and work on something else, should I push through and try to work things out, or what? What do you guys think I should do?

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