Shadow by Sylvia_the_Wanton_Poet

Human eyes can seldom see the beauty that lies around them.
Human minds must never see the truth and horrors that surround them.
When all is brought to light, and mens' hearts despair,
Know that I'll be watching, smiling, begging you to dare.

Human hearts have always feared the darkness of the night,
for true enough, within it dwells the sources of all fright.
But what should scare you even more, is what will happen next,
for when the night no longer rises, upon all sides beset

Humanity, alone, in darkness or in day, surrounded on all sides
by nightmares from the grave.
For night is not the enemy, it is your loving friend,
When the darkness lifts forever, demons will tear and rend.

The darkness is their home, yes, but I am your protector.
Without the dark to hide them, your souls would be devoured as they become unfettered.
Human minds, lost forever, babble in the day
As the monsters have decided that they'd like much to stay.

You fear the dark, and I must say, I feel quite insulted,
for without me, your loving friend, your safety would be forfeited.
I am the one who holds you, comforts you, like a long lost lover.
But scorn me but another time, and your souls will be lost forever.

For I am the keeper of the night, fortress barred eternal,
I am the protector of the righteous against all things infernal.
I am the rider of the stars, with steeds of fire and ice.
Scorn me but one more time, and you will pay the price.

I have gone by many names but I'll keep this pure and plain:
Shadowstar the Fated, is my chosen name.
Know it well little ones, for if you call for me
Spirited away you'll be, from all of those things you flee.

I'll hold you like a lover, treasure you like a friend,
But if you e'er leave me, you will wish for your life to end.
I hold them back out of love, for my long lost children,
But scorn me but one last time, and you will have to contend

With monsters from your childhood, monsters from your past
Monsters you thought were fairytales, come to rip and slash.
Monsters all surround you, that you pretend not to see
For the moment that you see them, they can feast with glee.

Remember child forever be respectful of the night.
You never know what tries to come and spread their blight.
I am the night who blankets you with tender love and warmth,
Even in the coldest reaches of the far off north.

Remember child forever be respectful of the night.
You'll thank me when you wake up to the light.
I hold you when you wish it, I guard you in your sleep
But if you scorn me one more time, you'll pay the price most deep.

Did I not warn you child, of what it is you seek?
Is my wrath and vengeance worth a fate so bleak?
So be it love, my fated child, you have chose your fate.
Forever lost in darkness now, you who have earned my hate.

Shadowstar has cursed you, to see eternal night
Always knowing what surrounds you in your eternal fright.
See it child? How it burns with a mighty rage?
This is what you wanted love, when you rattled my cage.

This is what you'll always have every sunrise and set
Demons clawing at your skin, monsters will hound you now, to your great regret.
I held you in my comfort, and blessed you with my dark
And you had to go and turn away, you had to break my heart.



20 May 2018 at 19:42:08 MDT

An older piece that I'm uploading here, one of my favorites. Gonna be uploading a bunch of older stuff, and some pictures, before I get into uploading newer poems.

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