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In Memoriam cover by Sylvan

In Memoriam cover


30 October 2019 at 18:27:56 MDT

I have released another "α to ζ" story: "In Memoriam". Purchase it for only .99 on Smashwords:! This one is appropriate for Hallowe'en: it deals with spirits and vengeance.

That said, it is the most raw and brutal of the stories I've written so far.

If you find tales of death, being forgotten, and the murder of innocents disturbing, you may want to reconsider. That said, I don't glorify such subjects ... they are here to support the story and find a hero willing to do anything to stand against them. But this is a story of deals with forces both dark and powerful.
Please read, rate, and review!

She's called "Mistress Innocence": a sex worker from the Beech District in Otawatapolis. Her life has been anything but easy and, lately, it's taken a turn for the worse. When made a witness to a horrific crime, she finds herself bargaining with forces she doesn't fully understand...

...Forces that want to make her their pawn...

“α to ζ” (“A to Z”) is my name for a story setting that encompasses magic, super-science, and costumed, powered individuals. The world is populated by humanoid animals in addition to humans. And although humans are the most numerous type of people, they comprise only one of roughly sixteen-hundred different, intelligent, mammalian species dating back to at least the last Ice Age.

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