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The Yuletide Wolf by Sylvan

The Yuletide Wolf


9 December 2017 at 19:31:34 MST

I'm not always able to write a story for this time of year but, this time, it bubbled around in the back of my brain for only a couple days before emerging. It is a folklore-style tale inspired by an old, 18th century woodcut from the Scandanavian regions of Europe showing a giant werewolf: a maiden clamped in his jaws. Why this spoke to me of both the Solstice and full moons is because of my background: both work together with wolves in a spiritual way.

This is my Yuletide and Solstice offering to the world. If you like it, please let others know where they can find it and don't be afraid to comment!

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The world-setting (containing Mørkskog and other landmarks within this story’s context), and the characters of Manegarm Denedalle, The Sølvdronningen - Sølvkone Visst, Máni - the usurper, Vridd Skog, Gralmunder Trollborne, Alexi and Alexander Sorensen, and Ulaf Sorensen are owned by Sylvan Scott. This story may not be shared or edited without the express written permission of the author.

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