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This Is A Test Remixes, Volume 1 by SwooshyCueb

This Is A Test Remixes, Volume 1


Remix album for my first single. Resubmitting since the original submission disappeared?
Either way, here it is again. Full details are on the Bandcamp page. It's also available from most standard music retailers including Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, Xbox Music, and so on.

Filed under original works because these are remixes of my original work. Also includes original song and extended version.

Variation in Production will be on volume 2.

FREE lossy aoTuV encoded version: (this link will be changed later, so don't bookmark)

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Multimedia / Original Music


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    I rarely ever say this when commenting on music, but I pick up a video game flavour listening to the various tracks. But the album breaks from the monotony of Bits of older game titles, and instead sounds like a game in that it does sound like it all fits around a theme. Some are more upbeat (Politru) while others are more intense but composed (FourPountZero) I just got the impression from the first track breaking between the first two sections to launch into a third with a vocal overlay.

    It avoids being political explicit like Nin's Year Zero, and focuses far more on this antiutopian texture with the vocals being more of writing on the walls than serving a direct reference. But it also sounds more listenable than Attack Attack Attack (If Obscure: )

    Some mixes to me also give an apocrypha vibe; less of 'this is a test' than 'this is the new order', but it's still an aural platter I'd share with friends.

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      The original song (not the extended version) was meant to be very simple. It was inspired by the Portal 2 soundtrack and the NOAA Weather Radio Emergency Alert System. I've had friends tell me it's boring, which is kinda what I was going for. With the extended version I decided to continue with a similar theme but eliminate the constraints of the original, even going so far as to add percussion and a slight change to the chord progression towards the end. I also mastered it a bit differently. About halfway through I decided that it might be worth exploring taking some of the motifs in a completely different direction, which is why I'm currently working on a VIP. You can hear an early WIP of the VIP in my scraps here on Weasyl.