IA 00 Lapres by SweetSushi (critique requested)

IA 00 Lapres (critique requested)


6 February 2014 at 14:21:49 MST

An example for an Iron Artist I am offering atm!

Lapres has been a huge inspiration for me, and I've grown allot because of it! Not only is she a super awesome talented artist, she also has a gorgeous fursona! So I decided to draw her ♥ I hope you like it! I am very happy with the result myself! And hopefully will make lots more proud pieces like these during my Iron Artist!

I couldnt decide between a light or dark background, cause both of them looked great on Lappy :P For the Iron Artist I will make the slots with a light or dark background, or combined like this one ^__^

Iron Artist

Open for pre orders now!

For only €20,- you can order a slot!

If you are interested in a slot you can find all the information in this journal https://www.weasyl.com/journal/35660/iron-artist-info-open
or you can order your slot here http://www.sweetsushi.nl/ironartist/

Art © Mine
Character © lapres

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    Just so beautifully awesome! XD

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      Thankyou very much ^_^

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    So, if i want a slot, I have until the day you send the invoice to save up correct? Like the entire month of February?

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      That's correct! Unless the slots are filled of course. When my slots aren't filled by then I will keep accepting slots and send an invoice immediately until they are filled, even tough march has started! Thankyou for your interest! ♥

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        Once I get this new fursona figured out a bit i'll send in the form~ <3

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          Yayy thankyou very much ♥

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    Aww...seriously I love it. But I need to save a lot of money right now. ;w;

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      Thankyouu much! I know right O_O I am trying to save too ^_^ prob need to move this year. I am grateful for all your kind words and support on my art <3 thankyouu!

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    Looks amazing really looking forward to my pictures

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      thanks! me2, I am super excited to start this challenge!

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    I'm curious about your clothing price thing in your TOS.

    What is the threshhold for a clothing outfit to cost extra, or is it any clothing outfit? For example,, would this piece that you have posted here warrant the extra 5?

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      Hai there, I got it more explained in my tos. But pretty much an outfit like that will cost extra, but something like simple underwear doesn't.