Summary of art & sewing 2016 by SweetSushi

Summary of art & sewing 2016


19 January 2017 at 01:46:19 MST

It's time for a recap!
2016 been a rough ride, with lots of step backs :O But not getting into that >< I want to be positive and move forward, so let's focus on that!
I have to admit that even tough I didn't made as much progress as I wished for, I still gotten pretty far. Allot of projects have been made and still going ^

Focusing on the projects that I've completed this year, I was mainly occupied with my Etsy Shop! I was also able to introduce a few new items on request from you guys, like the hats and hoodies ^_^
After the introduction of my shop filled with splatoon hats by the end of last year, I continued to make lots more of these cuties during this year. In total I was able to make 118 splatoon hats! Wooow!

Starting this year I began with a personal art piece to get back into digital art ♥ I tried out a different somewhat cuter style while drawing my fursona, since I like to experiment with personal art :3
I am also totally in love with that art piece I did for heartily in February, its too cute and I can truly say I am proud on myself and the progress I made in my style ♥
I was also able to complete my badge commissions, I really love the style and cuteness of these badges ♥ In the future I like to experiment with traditional badges tough, so "maybe" in 2017.

I really love the onesies I did this year and notice I continue to grow every time I make another one ♥ The hoodies are going to be so awesome too, I learned allot of new things during my hoodie project for bandit in November!
A big thanks to hoggy for being so super duper kind to me! I totally love the onesie I did for her in December and it turned out to be one of my favorite onesies made till now ♥ ^___^ This counts for kwibble and santeria too ♥

I also experimented a bit with other (personal) projects to keep things exciting and progressive. I've learned so much this year project wise and of course not everything is in this summary, but it shows it was a great one at least!
I really can't wait to make and show progress in my eeveelution project either that I introduced this year. I was very excited to see so many where interested in these ♥ and just happy I am able to invest in these projects thanks to you all! First things first tough, I will contact my clients (onesies and hoodies) all very soon with what to expect etc! Art will be done asap too! (you all got my email/note :3)

Sorry guys if it seems I am not around often or barely upload/update anything on fa. I find it very hard to focus on anything really, it takes allot of effort/energy and I can get overwhelmed easily.
I hope you guys understand and know I am here and around ♥ I love creating projects and I appreciate your support and kindnesses towards me and the huge amount of patience you all have with me!
I always do my best and give 200% to make you awesome things and again thank you so much for everything! I wouldn't be this far without you guys! I appreciate it super duper much!


Please leave a comment below and let me know what you think and share me your story too ♥

Did I even posted my older ones here? Can't find them...sooooo
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    I like this format for this meme. Nice job.

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      Thank you! blushes I was tired of the standard format so I designed one myself :3 ♥