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Commission Price Sheet. by sweetpinkpetals

Commission Price Sheet.


17 January 2014 at 01:34:19 MST

I created an updated price chart because the last one was incomplete.

COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY CLOSED!! Please refer to my journals for commission availability. We open a limited amount of slots regularly so stay updated! :D ♥

Better examples of texture bg: and full background: ( both mature, sorry )

When we open commissions, you will have to fill in a specific form with all the necessary information.

Type of commission:
Character ref: ( a fully coloured ref is required )
Character info:
Facial expressions, pose:
Anime style or feral style ( for the face ):
If needed, background:
Anything else I need to know:
Would you like to see a preview:
Your paypal:

Tips are always greatly appreciated! ♥ > u < ( Paypal is caroline.degeeter[at] )

• Payment is usually expected in advance. If you desire to pay only partly in advance and pay the rest after seeing your preview, you can always tell us.
• Upon receiving your payment we will start working on it as soon as possible.
• Refunds are accepted if necessary.
• If we feel uncomfortable with your request, character designs, etc, we are allowed to decline your commission.
• My commissions open regularly, always with a limited amount of slots.
• We are more active during vacation. We're both college students so we may be very busy during any other time of year. DO NOT RUSH US.
• You are allowed to submit your commissioned piece to your gallery so long as you give credit to sweetpinkpetals
• The commissioner ONLY has the right to repost their commissioned work.

Submission Information

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