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It Came From the 80s!!! by sweetamura

It Came From the 80s!!!


30 June 2017 at 20:46:39 MDT

A true monster of a gem, right from the 80s and out to pull you back into her retro realm to PARTY!!!!

I don't know where I pulled her from, I just wanted to make a weird looking furry (like you see a lot these days) because I've always wanted to make one but could never really think of one. My friend was next to me and said give her 80s colors. I've been listening to 80s pop all day. Done on my Patreon Only streams. You'll see her again, not sure when though. Also I think satuday I might have a public live stream :3

She doesn't have a name yet but she's totally 80s.

You can buy stickers, shirts, phone cases of her at my red bubble.

Join my live streams. If you missed it you can always subscribe to my picarto and get notices when I start streaming.

Also to see sketches and post before I post them to the internet and help out a artist, you can visit my patreon :3