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Production Timeline by Swatcher

Production Timeline


12 December 2013 at 17:56:16 MST

BML Plastics & Manufacturing, LTD. makes "intelligent materials", whatever that means.

Re-upping this from FA!

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    This is so gorgeous!

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    I love this cycle

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    If this were a poster I'd hang it on my wall.

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    Seems like the only way to get it going is with a steady stream of victims.

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    Ok I just like ranted about this on FA but I realized you might not check that any more so let me copy-paste what I said because I think this is a really amazing/important piece?

    Ok I know this is like 5 years old but I this is so fucking dark it gave me chills. Like it's so...sad and desperate and watching the guy watch other people's timelines and have to like grow and learn to understand them is so intense. I remember seeing this years ago and not understanding it at all and now that I do I'm honestly blown away? Like this is amazing man this is...I want everyone in the world to see this honestly this is so fucked up. I love this. I might have some nightmares though because this is really effectively terrifying lmfao. That sense of being trapped and having to come to terms with...basically your own death and deal with seeing yourself essentially die is so like...readable in this? Like you can really get a sense of it? I'm vaguely, vaguely reminded of that web game "every day the same dream" but mostly because I think the infographic super-anonymous "everyman" style to the guy makes the repetition really...tangible? Like it's a smart style to use in something of this subject matter because it's already so associated with Sameness so it works so perfectly as being the exact same guy at different timelines. Ok anyway did I mention I love this. I do.