Loremaster Sarah by Swanda

Loremaster Sarah


25 August 2014 at 10:17:23 MDT

Oh man it feels SO good to actually -Finish- something!


This lovely lady will be hanging round over on our B.I.B.L.E.-Patreon, helping us find the answers to questions from lore-hungry Patrons!
She will be ready with her first post once the next page goes up, and I'm very much looking forward to it!



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    Cute ^^

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      Thanks : )

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    Thats so cute, Omg its mine! My name is Sarah with an H at the end!

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      Thank you : 3
      SaraH is pretty common around here, but I think it's really cute <3

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    Yaay, done at last :D The tiniest badass archivist. Did you think about what to do with adding some text? Because urgh I'm still so annoyed with Patreon's lack of formatting options.

    In other words, I'd probably add a slightly darker line on her upper eyelids, because the white of her eyes kind of blends into the fur and it's confusing to look at.

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      Probably because its the light fur under her eyes as the eyes are still the dots from the sketch, and yes it's confusing to look at so I'll fix it and then put her on the drive, so you can do whatever you think will look best on the Patreon. In other news I still really hate palm trees.

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        Yeah I thought about that and was then further confused, haha.

        Just be thankful for Nicole and her diva hair. I know I am. So convenient for covering things up.

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    Yeah the drawing is cute! I like it! everything about it i s good! (: awesome job!