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Kumlarin Engineer in Uniform by Svaros

Kumlarin Engineer in Uniform


Kumlarin engineers are responsible for maintaining and upkeep of all systems related to Kumlarin society. Though their uniforms may differ slightly in color based on who an individual works for, be it a private or governmental entity. Their communities are heavily dependent on them. Their job only became more critical during the global rebuilding following their civilization being heavily damaged; they ensured that what was left of their rebuilding society functioned with what could be found or created. 

The arrival of the Teshkava brought whole new technology and ideas into the mix. At the time of the Calamity, the Kumlarin had started to split the atom, developing early atomic weapons and nuclear power plants. After the First Contact Incident, engineers have claimed high prices to get their hands on Teshkava technology, fascinated at how it works and eager to tear into it. They know their alien overlords are no gods but mere mortals, and they can be challenged. While many refuse to fight, they often make the tools necessary for those that do. As the Teshkava find, those tools are getting better by the day.

Drawn by the ever awesome KoboldChromatic.

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