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No More Powerful Weapon by Svaros

No More Powerful Weapon


14 December 2021 at 23:40:20 MST

The backbone of any fighting force, the humble infantryman, has dominated the battlefield for millennia. Even with the advent of behemoths, drones, and other tools, none have come close to matching the flexibility of the soldier. The Tolesian Marine is a powerful individual who adapts quickly to their environment. The marine uses the latest tactics and training to ensure dedication to the mission while not devolving into cowardice and wanton destruction. Despite conscription, only a select few Tolesians can attend Marine Academy, where they learn to fight in almost every known biome, making up for their comparative lack in size. 

The chief marine equipment is their environmental protection suit, which includes evaporative cooling and advanced fiber and coating technologies to keep the Marine cool and protected in even the harshest biomes. Their armor is further augmented by using tank-like composite armor with hardened ceramic and resin plates, which are heavily impact resistant. Finally, their helmet is made of the same material as the faceplate manufactured of transparent titanium. The helmet is further equipped with the TEI-4S3 OmniSight, a generation 7 night vision system that combines instant light-adjusting night vision, infrared, and an augmented reality system and unobtrusive HUD.

This particular soldier is firing the OWP-3Y2 General Purpose Machine Gun while holding a pair of OWS-2P5 Machine Pistols.


Drawn by the awesome KoboldChromatic. Thanks!

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