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Tolesian TWI-3C Carbine by Svaros

Tolesian TWI-3C Carbine


5 February 2021 at 11:02:03 MST

For the third generation of Tolesian infantry weapons, designers went back to the drawing board on creating a simplified common core that could be changed for varying situations with minimal effort and expense. The goal was to allow the replacement of the weapon's barrel and stock depending on the expected environment. Additionally, controls were designed in a way that the gun could be operated by any hand. The change to a top-loading magazine offered a clear view of remaining ammunition from either 35 or 70 round plastic mags that all variants can accept. The selected weapons system borrowed from civilian firearms as well as a long line of military experiments.

This next generation of weapons needed a new bullet. After extensive trials, a 7 gram, 6x24mm telescoping round firing at 850 m/s was selected. This bullet offered a substantial performance over previous rounds with lethality out to the range of the weapon. The electrothermal-chemical (ETC) round is fired by a piezoelectric firing pin, which ignites the plasma sensitive primer with high voltage.

This variant is the carbine variant. The carbine is the most common type of Tolesian weapon in service, seeing active use with Marines and Militia alike. This variant offers a reasonable balance of range and overall length.


Drawn by the ever amazing Hard_Lighter. Thanks once again.

I wanted a futuristic rifle that shows that the Tolesians have found nothing that comes close to bullets due to physical limitations. Lasers are power-hungry and require lots of power, same with railguns. However, the bullets themselves are much better, though, with cleaner ignition and cooler burning while being a clear leap over bullets of old.