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TSL-3 Transport w/out Mission Extender Rear by Svaros

TSL-3 Transport w/out Mission Extender Rear


The TSL-3 is the latest generation of Tolesian shuttle that supersedes the TSL-2 transport design. With two powerful ETL-3 combined cycle engines producing 205,000Nm of thrust each, this shuttle is capable of parabolic or orbital capabilities. Compared to its capable predecessor, the TSL 2 is simpler and cheaper to manufacture and maintain at the expense of integrated FTL capability. To remedy this, designers developed a mission extension package which fits around the shuttle that handles deep space survival.

The tradeoff allows the loading of two fully combat-capable tanks or equivalent equipment to be airdropped on the battlefield. This shuttle's initial deployments have demonstrated the ruggedness of the design, with shuttles ferrying crews home missing various components missing.


Role- Tactical/Light Transport
Origin- Tolesian Commonwealth
Manufacturer- Tolesian Commonwealth Light and Machine Workshop (Tolesian Military)
Crew- 3
Length- 49.60 meters
Wingspan- 30.82 meters
Height- 6.75m (gear up), 8.00m (gear down), 10.07m with FTL package
Empty Weight- 85,654kg
Max Takeoff Weight- 178,256kg
Fuel Capacity- 84,748.03L fuel and 25,265L oxidizer tank
Engines- 2x Tolesian Commonwealth Light and Machine Workshop multifuel ETL-3, 670kN Max, 750kN w/ afterburner each, 800kN w/ supplemental oxidizer injection on FHU-6

Maximum speed (No afterburner)- 2,500kph at 27,552m
Fully Loaded Range- 3,200km
Ferry Range- 36,000km using parabolic arc, 5,500 km via traditional methods
Service ceiling (no oxidizer)- 35,125m
Thrust-to-weight ratio at empty weight- 0.796

125 fully equipped troops
75 stretchers
975 cubic meters of cargo

Electronics and countermeasures:
1x STL-3 Active Scanned Array with quantum entanglement ability (nose)
3x STM-6 All-weather passive proximity radar and detector
1x STC-5 Electronic countermeasure suite
Flares and chaff
Passive infrared and towed RADAR decoy


Another excellent pic by hard-lighter. Thank you once again!

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