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Rest and Relaxation by Svaros

Rest and Relaxation


Getting off of duty, sometimes you just need to curl up with a good video, grab a drink, shed a few layers, and just relax. Svaros has taken to a drink while overlooking his temporary home as part of the Naval Aerospace Base. It's always nice to come home to a warm bed and hot shower, indeed glad he stayed in the Navy rather than on some planetary hell hole in with the Marines. Still, the days are long and grueling in their own way.


Tolesian military accommodations, while generally considered somewhat plain, are modern and do allow for some form of self-expression. Well, the amount of self-expression you could order from the military furniture shops and catalogs, anyway. The quality isn't excellent, similar in quality to IKEA furniture here on Earth. Still, it's considered good enough for how most Tolesian personnel use them. Rare breathable atmosphere planets may include decks or balconies to enjoy.

The residential compounds themselves are usually made into cliffs arranged for volume, protection, and aesthetics. Military personnel typically travel to and from these residential barracks by subway or shuttle bus. Those who have and can afford a private vehicle usually use those.


Another beautiful piece of wiork by Qatsoup on Twitter. Go check them out!

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    Isn't it kinda difficult to watch a video when you don't have eyes?