Sooty by Susiron



14 April 2014 at 21:55:13 MDT

Apologies for slow updates lately. I've been feeling extremely lethargic and a bit numb and a little unhappy.

It's not even that I'm not making art, it's just that I'm only making personal art-- when I have commissions I should do.
But it's hard to motivate myself to do commissions when I'm feeling down, so I just fall into doing personal art. But then I feel really guilty for not working on commissions, and don't want to post my personal art because I feel it's rude to the people that I owe art.

I will have commissions done-- not fast like I'd hope to, but they will always get done. I never forget about them, and I constantly feel guilty if I'm not doing them. Please just bear with me and understand that my personal art does not mean I'm ignoring or forgetting about your commission.

"Guilt" and its characters belong to me.
Drawn on SAI.

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    Would it help if you thought of your personal work as research of a sort? Maybe think of it as discovering new techniques or refining old ones to put toward your commissions. You'll only be making them better!

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    Hun if you'd ever like to chat it up I would love to start a conversation with you! <:3
    Im not going to say I can help but talking is always nice ♥

    skype: nekosuzudorei

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    What a beautiful, painterly style to the colouring! I actually greatly admire that you can work on personal work when you've commissions - I find I just shut down and disallow anything fun just for me haha

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    This is beautiful. Just so peaceful and lovely. And I'm sure no one is too angry about the time taken to get the commissions finished. Don't worry too much about it. hugs

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    Love the colors - it makes a great icon. Hope you cheer up soon!